March 2019

Rabbit Hole

I am not your frame

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Rabbit Hole by Nedaa Elias, is an installation and social commentary of the limited perceptions, assumptions, judgements people place on one another frequently. The piece, using 500 meters of thread spanning 27 different colors and wrapped among 2m x 1.5m frames, comes together to form a contoured three-dimensional form, the Rabbit Hole. Symbolically, the Rabbit Hole’s contours in the form of circles, illustrates how we simplify and deduce our notions of individuals quickly and on a regular basis. Reinforcing these circles is the steel frames their strings depend on, representing how we place people in categorical boxes, quite quickly and unjustly in most instances. When all of the frames come together, they form a visual epiphany in understanding those around us. We slowly reform our understanding till we get to the smallest point of a rabbit hole and are left with the undeniable revelation that we are more than just the sum of some parts one has decided to pick up about us. The journey is Us, and I am not your Frame.