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Personal ManifestoI believe in nothing

A personal manifesto aims to help individuals confront their challenging assumptions about each other. I do agree with this, but I also think that a personal manifesto will help me define the days after so I know what my priorities are. My declaration statement of principles, beliefs, and calls to action is the daily read.

I don’t have to respect your beliefs, but I do respect you as a person. I’ll call you a friend. I can disagree with you, but I won’t hate you if we have a disagreement. I read the news to stay informed, not just get angry at the ignorance and hypocrisy of others. I am a human being before an opinion. I will help to eradicate the hate in the world. I will speak my mind when it needs to be heard, but I won’t spew garbage that hurts others. I will pray for those that are hurting because right now the world is hurting too much.

I refuse to give up on humanity. This is not a manifesto but a declaration of love for all mankind. I believe in everyone’s innate goodness and ability to change, if given the right conditions and teachings or rediscovery through introspection. I am against cutting off another’s life. No one is entitled to take anyone’s life for any reason, whatsoever. I am against the death penalty.

I think that both married couples and gay people should be treated the same way. I believe this for all people. I believe that the society should provide equal opportunities for all people in order to allow individuals to freely choose what they want out of their life.

I believe in the intrinsic worth of every human being; I believe that all human beings should be treated with respect and dignity; I believe that all human beings are entitled to pursue their own goals and dreams; I believe that all human beings are entitled to pursue, with others or alone, their own purposes in life.

I am an individualistic seeker of new thoughts. I question everything. I remain open to change. I will always remain truthful to myself and continue to be open to new ideas and thoughts.

I believe that the world needs love, understanding, peace and compassion, not hate, violence and aggression.
Even the ideas that I came across before are welcomed for reassessment. Even what I’ve demonstrated is not completely fixed in stone, but rather a work in progress.

I do not have a pre-ordained plan for what I believe, am doing or will do in the future. I will act when there is a need for change in my town, state or nation.

As long as I don’t suffer any harm, Your existence is manageable for me. But, I will not go out of my way to be a good person to you. If your existence is problematic for the well-being of humanity, then I won’t mind you having less than mediocre days ahead.

I will not believe that any one book is the only book for all human beings. To each his or her own book (the Bible, Koran or what ever) and each his or her own way of life is the only way we should proceed to live with each other on this earth.

My manifesto is ultimately an individual’s personal belief system which ultimately represents the core of who one is at that specific time in their life. My Manifesto defines my beliefs which guide my future actions. It will eventually be replaced with an updated Manifesto when I become inspired by new thoughts and ideas.