A personal manifesto aims to help people eliminate their challenging assumptions about others. I do agree with this but I also think that a personal manifesto aims to help me define my day and the coming days afterward. I should read it every day and keep it changing as I change. This is my declaration statement of principles, beliefs, and calls to action.

  • Your beliefs, if you have any, are your own decision. I don’t have to respect what you believe in. But I do respect you!
  • I am against death penalty. No one has the right to take anyone’s life whatever the reason is
  • I am against killing of all kinds except for self-defense and only if I had to
  • I am a situationist who keeps the doors open for new ideas. Even the ideas that I came across before are welcomed for reassessment. Even this piece of a personal manifesto can change due time and events
  • I do not have a constant reference for what I think, do or will do in the future
  • I believe that the only rationale behind our existence is survival
  • As long as you don’t physically hurt me, I can manage your existence