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Nedaa EliasArtist, writer and designer

Nedaa Elias (Arabic: نداء الياس; born 15 January 1981 in Damascus) is a Syrian Artist1writer2 and visual designer3. He is known by Art history scholars, such as Sztabińska Paulina4, The Daily Hatch5 and Art History Escape6 for his research input addressing the color theory of Paul Klee7. He is also known for his thorough researches that were followed by public installations addressing environmental and cultural concerns such as the visiting birds of the UAE8, the loss of the Arabic letters usage through history9, and the Spirograph experimental thread artwork that objectifies judgmental personalities. Nedaa was featured in many newspapers and magazines after his public art piece: Pursuit of Abjad.10,11,12,13

In 2007 Nedaa joined the faculty of Art and Design at the University of Jordan as full time student and graduated with first Honours BA degree14. In 2013 Nedaa moved to Istanbul to study Art and Design where he obtained his Masters of Fine Arts, MFA in Visual Communication Design from Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey15. In 2014, Nedaa moved to Dubai, UAE where he established himself as a professional artist and writer beside his visual communication design career. Since then, Nedaa wrote many articles and created many art pieces of which he was published in many articles as an installation Artist. In early 2016 Nedaa had his own exhibition at Zabeel Park, Dubai where he presented his first Public Installation, UAE Pearl, which featured the birds of the Emirates. followed by the installation, Pursuit of Abjad at DIFC Art Nights. Most recently, he exhibited his new installation artwork, Rabbit Hole at DIFC Art Nights.

Nedaa currently holds the position of a Senior Graphic Designer at Design & Architecture Bureau, one of the leading architectural firms in Dubai, UAE. In addition to his Last position at Dar Al-Omran Planners, Architects and Engineers, he has worked as a Graphic Designer at 2K Architects. He worked with several team members to develop and create advertisements, corporate identities, brochures, profiles, competitions’ submissions, presentations, website design and maintenance. Besides Graphic Design, Nedaa is a frequent reader in Media, Communication, Cultural studies, Dead Media and Media Archaeology. Recently, he is focusing on Media Theory. His interests are growing as he is being introduced to this field of study. Many theorists have already influenced Nedaa over his readings: Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, Antonin Artaud, Jacques Derrida and Friedrich Kittler. Nedaa is now focusing on developing his research topic for a Ph.D. program in Media & Communication studies. In his free time, Nedaa likes to write poetry.

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